Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Elvis Lives in Cupcake Nation!

Melissa and I were at it again tonight.  When we'd done our Hawaiian cooking the other night, there were also some cupcakes made.  For you see, we're also doing cupcakes at our party.

A lot of cupcakes.

We've been planning to make about 2 dozen of 8 different cupcakes (you can do the math, I'm too lazy) and wanted to do some test runs on them.  We started trying to make a few of them Saturday night, but kind of had to abandon it after awhile and focus on the Father's Day cooking.  So tonight we picked back up where we left off.  And oh my, what a mess we made.

This is just one small area of my kitchen, and we'd done some cleaning at this point...


Here's a horrible picture of the 5 of the 8 flavors. We'll work on the remaining 3 some other time.  (I warned you people that I'm not good at the photos.)

But let me tell you about the 5.  One was so ridiculously and unexpectedly good that it had us all giggling.  Seriously, giggling over cupcakes!  I'll get to that one last.

By the way, allow me to digress a bit.  I opened this blog tonight and saw I had a follower.  A follower!  I was so excited.

Turns out it is my husband.  He's following a blog documenting what he just ate for dinner.  That is awesomely weird.

OK, back to cupcakes.  We made...

  • Chocolate Chipotle w/ a Vanilla-Chipotle-Marshallow Frosting (front left one) - this one was tasty, with an interesting afterburn.  But the frosting wasn't thick enough.  This seemed to be a theme for us and one we're going to have to address, since our party is going to be outdoors in July in Southeast Texas.  Imagine handing a popsicle to Satan.
  • Pineapple w/ an Orange Frosting (left, behind the chocolate-chipotle) - the pineapple cupcake was really, really good, but the frosting needed to be more solidly orange flavored.  Everybody who tried it kept thinking it was lemon flavored.  But at least it wasn't melty.
  • Chocolate w/ Peanut Butter Cup Center & Peanut Butter Frosting (far back, right, in a separate pan) - we tried two different approaches to putting the peanut butter cup into the cupcake and decided we needed to compromise between the two (try putting it in after it is halfway cooked).  This was great, but by the time we were ready to taste it, we were in a sugar coma!
  • Lemon w/ Lemon Curd-Ricotta Filling & Blueberry Frosting (the two weird, gray topped ones on the right in front of the chocolate-peanut butter ones) - oh my, this was my favorite until we got to the next one.  It was soooo good, even though the frosting color was ugly.  We need to work on that.
  • The Elvis:  Peanut Butter Cupcake w/ a Banana-Creme Filling & Candied Bacon Frosting (front right) - HOLY SHYTE!  Seriously, I thought this one would be interesting and reasonably good.  But it was out-f'ing-standing!  It was stoopid good.  Melissa and I don't even like bananas, but this was crazy good.  We've got a few things to work on it, but seriously, it was good.
When we make the remaining three, I'll share the details.  Until then, I'm now going to pass out in a powdered sugar coma.  And did I mention the Elvis cupcake was good?

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  1. Oh my cupcake heaven!! I dreamed about making cupcakes with Elvis in Hawaii last night...that's how good it was.